Our Office Space

Our Office Space

Station F and Incubateur HEC

Since April 2021, Leadjet is part of the HEC Incubator program and is based in Station F (Paris) - the largest startup campus in Europe.


Station F hosts a community of 1,000 startups and 30+ programs.

The space features resources both on-campus and online - including a huge investor community, more than 150+ perks and offers, 35 public services, 600+ events and workshops per year.

đź’ˇOffice Hours

We're all here to learn. Thanks to the HEC program, we can have access to high quality 1-to-1 coaching sessions on a variety of subjects. Feel free to book some time with experts who you think can bring you valuable knowledge.

🍝 La Felicità

Station F is home to the famous food market by Big Mama group - La Felicità. You’ll find everything from breakfast & café to pasta & pizza and apéritivo!

Benefit from a discount offered by Station F by showing your badge to the cashier.

This space is awesome for business meetings or even cozy working space when you need a little pick-me-up (aka Tiramisu).


🏠 Flatmates


As an Incubee, you’ll have access to Incubator’s co-living solution - Flatmates.

It is the most affordable and flexible housing for entrepreneurs in Paris. Located just 10 minutes away from the campus, Flatmates facilities include an on-site café, lounge, event spaces, and more. No guarantors or specific work contracts required to join, just a one-month deposit.