SEO test

Thank you for applying and congratulations for having passed the first interview ☺️

The goal of this test is to identify your knowledge of SEO both theoretically and in practice.

Please provide answers to the following questions and share the document with laura.patricia@leadjet.io, pierre.portejoie@leadjet.io and romain.ginestou@leadjet.io. As mentioned during the interview, it would be great if you could send us the answer back by Monday or Tuesday.

There is no time limit for the test but to give you an idea on the lenght of the answer, it should not take more than 2 hours.

Here are the questions:

Short term vision (technical SEO)

  • How would you proceed to run a complete audit for a SAAS B2B startup website?
  • Run a quick audit for our website leadjet.io, can you:
    • Find 1 keyword opportunity that wasn’t exploited?
    • Find 1 backlink opportunity that wasn’t exploited?
    • Find another possible improvement for leadjet.io?

Short term vision (technical SEA)

We have just recently launched a Google adwords campaign in the UK & we would like to launch it in France & Germany. Our goal is to reach out to bigger companies (more than 100 employees) so that we can increase our basket value in terms of sales.

  • Take us a through process on which paid advertisement campaign that you would choose & why?
  • How are you planning to report the success of this campaign?

Medium term vision (outreach and partnerships)

  • How to do usually proceed to initiate a partnership (for blog-posting, netlinking, etc.)?
  • For leadjet.io, could you name 3 possible partners you would try to contact first?
  • Tell us a bit more on how you can sustain relationship with affiliate/resellers partners?

Long term vision (content)

  • What would be for you the best way to build and structure content for a website in current times?
  • Looking at leadjet.io’s blog, how would you shape in differently for it to get stronger results for SEO?

Bonus: if you have anything more to say or suggest about the SEO strategy for the website, feel free to include it in the document. Thanks a lot for your time!

All the best Ngoc & we’re looking forward to the answers.